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Setting like "only for PGC users"

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I am confronted with a other cacher who is stalking my account via the statistics. Curious that the same person has blocked his own statistics on GC and in PGC.

Is it possible to prevent this by a setting like "only for pgc user"?
asked Mar 13 in Feature requests by (120 points)
I'm not a paid member and after clicking on a few features, I found the drop down menu under Statistics - Profile Stats - Settings.  This is a small and hard to spot option just under the 2nd paragraph.  If you click on that settings  arrow it will drop down options.  Look for Show/Hide to others.  The 3rd option to "Show home coordinate based modules to my friends on Project-GC (Friends NYI) " might be what you are looking for.  I have not tested this so don't know if it will work for you.
This option 1) Is not implemented yet (NYI), 2) Would affect only the modules based on the home coordinates
Have you asked (confronted) him why he is doing it. What is his motivation ?
Yes, I did. But i'm fed up discussing my stats with others who hide their own stats. Thats's why i'm asking.
The statistics can be either visible for everyone or not.They will be visible for you anyway if I am right. There is no middle ground as "only for PGC" but it might be implemented as a feature request, but I do not believe it would be useful for your use case. How hard it is to click on the "Authenticate" button for somebody who is interested in your finds?
Another down vote from @Jakuje prompted me to drop my answer to a comment. Where does it tell me that the options listed are not implemented yet? Never mind, I really don't care. The question is rhetorical but my point is not.
Rather than throwing random answers and angry comments, try to understand things and try to be helpful.

Following up my original comment (which was short because I was traveling. I hoped it was clear on the first attempt, but apparently not), NYI is shortcut of Not Yet Implemented [1], which means, that there is some idea that might once get into the PGC, but for now it is just checkbox that does not do anything. As well as the line that you mentioned clearly mentioned that the option is going to show you *home location based modules only*, not all of the stats, which is in this question (even though I agree that it is still confusing).

I really try to add a useful comments before downvoting, but if the comment is here for two days without any feedback, so after that time, the downvote is my only option to try to get some attention at least from someone, so please, do not feel offended. This is supposed to be Q&A of useful questions and answers and this will really not happen by asking the same question every week and answering "I found this random switch, which might help you, but actually does not do anything". This turns the whole platform into useless chatter, rather than something that could be used for feedback for fixing most common bugs, implementing most wanted features of whole Project-GC.

Thank you for confirming exactly what I already suspected. The only angry comments are as a result of your confrontational approach. Trust me there will be no further random answers because I have no desire to continue participating.

Everyone has different levels of knowledge regarding this forum and the overall services PGC offers. Your interpretation of what is "useless chatter" is subjective and nowhere do I find the wording except in your comment that everything must be useful questions and answers. Every question has a purpose whether you agree or not and it is not useless since the person asking needed an answer.

Treating people like they are useless does not promote a learning environment and certainly does not encourage people to participate.  You are not consistent with your handling of "useless chatter" since I have already witnessed plenty of "useless chatter" by others in my short time here. OK, enough said, it's time for me to move on.
I agree with this statement.

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