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Using Firefox.  Just installed the web extension, which has a lot of nice features.  However, when I click on add to list, it does not work.  Tried loading and unloading.   Tired on toggling "Add links for bookmark lists" both ways.


in Support and help by zuma! (140 points)
I have the latest version of Firefox without the extension and I could not get the 'add to list' to work either.  It does not work from inside the cache page or from hovering over it on the map view.  At one time there was limited functionality with other browsers besides IE but I thought that was corrected since I can get it to work in Chrome.
thank you for the information.  I use the add to list feature so I guess I am going to have to uninstall the extension.

We haven’t been able to use ‘add to list’ all day either, using Safari on an iMac and Safari on an iPad.
The GC forums are full of cachers complaining about not being able to add to a list. Apparently Groundspeak is aware of the problems.
This does not look related to PGC at all. Sounds like a bug in website to me.
could you be more specific about the web extention you installed? My guess it's the one from geoprinter. In that case you should look for the list being build there. You won't find it on

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