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List nearest 10 qualifying geocachers for a challenge based on a set of coords.

+5 votes
It would be handy if there was a feature (perhaps a premium/paying feature), that you can specify a challenge checker and specify a set of coordinates and the feature would return a list of the nearest 10 geocachers that meet the requirements.  Or, maybe list up to 20 in ascending distance order, so that one could choose among the list for other criteria.    This would be useful if a geocacher would like to hide a duplicate to that challenge in their area (at the given coords) and needs to provide the reviewer with a list of 10 area geocachers that qualify.   I know you can check individual geocachers names for each checker, but for more challenging challenges, you might have to check dozens to even hundreds of likely geocachers and might not remember to check a few that do qualify.    I know Project-GC is constantly checking all premium/paying members to see if they qualify for challenges, so I assume getting a list of those premium members that had qualified for a challenge would not be a big processing hog.   I do not know if it also checks the non-premium members automatically (and just not allow them to know), or if this process would need to do a check for each non-premium members on the fly.   If the later, that would be a good reason to make this feature a paying member feature.
asked Apr 13 in Feature requests by Starkacher (500 points)
edited Apr 13 by Starkacher
I was reading the challenge cache guidelines at this link
and came across this sentence under the acceptable table/matrix of rules:

"Please do not submit a challenge cache in an area where a very similar or identical challenge cache already exists."

Food for thought regarding duplicate challenges.
It is new to me that you would have to provide the reviewer with a list of nearby geocachers (any number) that qualify. Has this been demanded??
Yes, you do need to provide a list of local cachers that would qualify for a challenge cache and submit it to the reviewer when submitting the challenge for publication. While it doesn't say that it's "required" it is asked for in the cases where I've submitted challenges.

From the Challenge cache guidelines:
2.15. Challenge cache subjectivity
“A challenge cache needs to appeal to and be attainable by a reasonable number of cachers. Your reviewer may ask for a list of cachers from your area who qualify.”

This guideline aims to ensure that a challenge cache is obtainable by a reasonable number of players. If only a few people can find and log a challenge cache, then it’s almost like a private cache. (And private caches aren’t permitted on the website.)  The “reasonable number” of cachers must reside in the area where your cache is placed.
That was new to me indeed. Thanks for the explanation, I can see now why this makes sense.

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