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OK - also, to clarify

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- is this data of finds for those days as opposed to logs made on those days which include backdated logs for other days
related to an answer for: Logs per date function
asked Apr 16 in Miscellaneous by Deepdiggingmole (9,070 points)
I'm not exactly sure what you are asking with this thread.  When I ran the tool with my own geocaching name, it returned only Found It logs for that particular day.  It mapped them from the beginning of my caching time to latest one that I posted on 4/13/2020.  Again, it was only tallying the Found It logs data and not notes or DNFs etc.

My conclusion is that the tool is limited to only Found It logs derived from the API database that is updated on a daily bases from website.
OK - as an example
on 1st April I log 4 finds for that day - but on that day (April 1st)  I do some catching up and log 6 finds for 3rd March, 22 finds for 4th March, 12 finds for 15th March and now I have caught up

Does this show on the bove mentioned chart
3/3/20 - 6
4/3/20 - 22
15/3/20 - 12
1/4/20 - 4

or does it show
3/3/20 - 0
4/3/20 - 0
15/3/20 - 0
1/4/20 - 44

The latter reflecting the logging of finds that I have done on April 1

1 Answer

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It shows you

3/3/20 - 6
4/3/20 - 22
15/3/20 - 12
1/4/20 - 4

After you log your found (on which day doesn't matter) it will take a night (or for not paying member about 7 days).and it will count on the date you now have your found date. Even if you log an 3/3/20 - 6 and change one of your logs to 4/3/20 it will then show 3/3/20 - 5 and 4/3/20 - 1. It always counts the found date.

Hope this clarifies your question

answered Apr 16 by supertwinfan (15,700 points)
edited Apr 17 by supertwinfan
Thank you - that was the clarification I was looking for
It is a found stats tool rather than a logging activity tool

I concur wholeheartedly, LOL.  It maps Found It date not logged date.
If it wasn't like that you yould only log the same day which would be very restricting, would it? On many occasions, when being abroad for a few days, I only log at the end of the overall trip which probably most people do...
I agree.  I don't have the instant technology to post a log as soon as I find it but have to wait until I return home since I use a Garmin GPSr.  Extended trips would be worse, unless I bring my laptop and log in the hotel.