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Challenge Checker Tool - Possible improvements

+2 votes
I occasionally pop in to the Challenge Checker Tool to see if I now qualify for some Challenges where previously I may not have.

But it seems a little limited.

From the list of 100 Challenges generated, I would like to exclude ones that I have already found and maybe some more refinements too.

The Warning sign even suggests narrowing my search, but there doesn't appear to be any way to do that apart from selecting a country.

Could we have more filters for this feature please?

Thank you
asked Apr 28 in Feature requests by TwigNZ (3,330 points)
Have you tried the "Map of challenge caches" tool? I find that's the most useful one to look at challenge caches in general. It marks your found caches with smileys, so you can skip those.
Thanks for your comment. Yes, I can use the Map but it is much clunkier to use than the List which I can then check my qualification with the simple click of 1 button, rather than having to zoom into each bit of the Map (where you may have many Challenge Caches close together) to then ignore those I have found, select the Challenge Cache, open the Challenge Cache, and finally get to check qualification.
Would love to have a list with challenge checker. If i would make a new challenge its easy to find checkers from a list compared to a map. It would also be great to sort that list with the newest checkers first. Since lot of the checkers are before 2016 when the new rules applied its timeconsuming to search and see if you have a possibility to get the new challenge approved.

1 Answer

+1 vote
I use the "Map of challenge caches" tool located next to the Find checker tab.  I live in Texas and it allows me to filter all the way down to counties.  It also allows me to exclude fulfilled and it even allows me to show only those with checkers.

When I run the New Zealand map it allows filters for the North, South, and Chatham islands plus regions to include areas such as Auckland and Bay of Plenty etc.

Not sure exactly what other filters you would require besides what is already given.  It appears very comprehensive from my perspective.

Something else I've noticed over time is that if you leave the filter parameters in place it will actually check to see if you qualify for all of them that have checkers and I believe as you continue caching and fulfill requirements for a challenge it will update it to show newly qualified.
answered Apr 28 by TigreToot (12,710 points)
edited Apr 28 by TigreToot
Yes, I can see those filters on the Map, but I would like the List rather than the Map. Working from the List is much quicker than working from the Map :)
And missing from even the Map is the ability to exclude those already found.
You can exclude "fulfilled" but I don't want that, I simply want a list of challenge caches that I haven't already found.
OK, yes, I see what you mean.  It would be nice if there was a filter that would exclude Found and a list below the map where you can sort.

Sorry, I thought you didn't know about the feature based on how you worded your question.  I was mistaken and will keep that in mind next time you ask a question, LOL.
Hey no problem. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question in the first place.