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+4 votes
The explanation I get when I point at the Lab Cacher badge says that I "have 38 and need 50 to go up a level". Most other badges tell how much is missing to go up a level, so to be consequent the Lab Cacher badge ought to give the explanation "have 38 and need 12 more to go up a level".
in Bug reports by Sakletarna (330 points)
recategorized by Jakuje (Moderator)

2 Answers

+1 vote
This appears to be a bug in calculating the totals.  Good spot.  After looking up your statistics, I just noticed the same problem in my own statistics.  I recommend adding the words "Bug" in the title and changing the category to Bug reports to alert the Admin and Moderators to a potential problem so they can look into it.
by TigreToot (26.5k points)
edited by TigreToot
I've tried to edit the title and category but nothing happens so I guess I have to post another question.
No worries, you may have forgotten to click on Save Changes at the bottom left after scrolling down.
No, I tried twice just to make sure I really did click Save. I guess Edit only works in the text, not in the Header or Category?
Fixed the category and tags
Strange because I was able to edit the text in both the header and text area on my recent post.
0 votes
In german language the expantation is correct : "hat 38 und benötigt 50 um eine Ebene aufzusteigen" : Translated "..have 38 and need 50 to go up a level". So in german expantation there is no "mehr/ more" .

When I switch to english, I do not have the word "more" in the explantation. Perhaps already fixed ??
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
That was not my point, it should say "need 12 more to go up a level" (that is 12 are missing to reach 50).
German or English the rolling total is not calculating properly.  For example, if you are advancing from Silver to Gold and already found 38 lab caches, then, the rolling total should be only 12 needed to reach 50.  The rolling total should be dynamic and dropping as you add found labs. It should NOT say you still need to find 50 to advance to Gold.  This only happens when you hover over the badge.  The badge table is properly reporting.
Es ist zwar grammatikalisch korrekt, aber bei allen anderen Badges ist das Schema: "Hat X und braucht noch Y, um ein Level aufzusteigen."

Der Bug existiert, seit die Badge da ist, sollte aber eigentlich nur ein text-fix sein.


That's the point. Although it is not a grammar error, all other badges show a different pattern: "has X and needs Y more to go up a level".

This bug exists since first introducing the badge, but it should only be a text-fix, not a major issue.
OK, that makes sense.