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+1 vote
In Corona times, no caches were released in April 2020.
Now caches which were published in May are logged with the date of hiding date. This is the date bevore publish date, so as not to interrupt the FTF series. Does that make sense? Can't you take April 2020 out of the count? If no caches have been published, you cannot do an FTF.
in Feature requests by 321undgefunden (130 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote
To be fair, no caches were published in April in some countries.

We can't stop people from cheating. Just laugh at them, just like people cheating at solitaire.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (166k points)
For honest cachers, the series will be interrupted through no fault of their own.
Cachers that had a longer series in the past had the advantage. When I think of Cacher, who has had 70 FTF months in a row and the series is now interrupted, it is unfair.
My FTF streak was killed by covid at 64 months. Kinda sad in one way, but actually, mostly I am happy about it. After a couple of calendar projects get completed (soon) I will be able to cache on my terms, and not when my calendar says I must. Yay!!
Re the people who  cheat - just tell them that there is an obvious flaw in their FTF streak stats. Since they lied in one stat they probably lied in others, heck, maybe they couch-cached their entire geocaching career!
My FTF streak ended at 67 months two years or so earlier. That was very nice for my caching in general.

I actually like working on various calendar projects that I can plan for (currently multis (61 left) and smalls (1!)), but the FTF stuff by definition is unplannable.
Texas reviewers published geocaches in April.  I was FTF on four or five during the month, keeping my monthly streak active.
Project-GC could decide to tolerate a few gaps per geocacher this particular year and let the streak continue despite, say, 2 or 3 missing months...
0 votes

Take it positively. Something ends so that something nicer can begin. The record is written and the starting line is now at zero. It is game.

by Lomnice (910 points)
–1 vote
Added again - I corrected my log a day ago and it appears on my FTF list but the streak (Months) has not been updated.
According to the text on the page the list is updated hourly.
by ChrisDen (4.1k points)
This does not have anything to do with the original question. If you have a new question, open a new question and do not sneak new issues into unrelated ones.