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+2 votes
On the Finds page there are 3 "Most... in a day" regarding location:

Most countries in a day
Most states in a day
Most counties in a day

However, there is no "Top ... in a day" List under Find Stats. Just wondering if this list can be obtained somewhere?
in Miscellaneous by hoedinie (140 points)
edited by hoedinie

1 Answer

0 votes
Hi there,

All those stats can be found using the 'Statistics' drop down menu from the Menu Bar at the top of the page.

From there you can find all those you requested, if you make use of the filters.

Hope that helps :)
by TwigNZ (4.7k points)
Well, I tried but could not find it there. Can you be more specific?
Can you be more specific? There is no "Top countries in a day" list under "Statistics".
OK, so on closer inspection I missed the importance of "in a day" in the original question, my apologies.
You can find Top Countries, Top Regions, and Top Counties, and use the filters to look at a specific date, but can't make it look for all dates and then sort by top date.

2 downvotes though. Wow, tough crowd!
Yep, that was the point which makes it not available.

I wonder if this could be made into a feature request. Filtering on date by hand would be impossible for 20 years of geocaching.

PS: removed my down vote after your comment, the initial answer though was just not answering the question ;)
Thanks for reversing the downvote. I was genuinely trying to be helpful with my answer.
As for turning this into a Feature Request, maybe a moderator can do that, or if not then you may have to start another thread to do so - good luck :)
I evened that vote count for you.  It wasn't fair you received them.  Sometimes the elitist attitudes in here astound me.
Thank you for that. Nice to see some fair play in action :)