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Profile FTF List vs Dashboard FTF tab

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I have a question on frequency or timing of updates.  I use a [FTF] tag in my logs for when I get a first to find.  Currently under Profile the FTF List says I have 111 FTFs, But under the Dashboard FTF tab it still says 109.  I am just curious on timing of when the Dashboard gets updated since Project GC seems to have my most current data.
asked Jun 8 in Miscellaneous by WanderingExplorer (2,790 points)
I'm seeing 111 on your profile. Is there a difference between and ?
Well apparently they are in sync now, I guess it just took longer for some reason.  The impetus for my original question was because it was taking very long for them to sync up, greater than 32 hours the last time I checked.  Not sure why it did not sync up within 24 hours like was mentioned in answer below. Any ideas what could have caused the system delay?
The 24 hours is not a strict timeframe, but a trigger point. The system can take a few hours more than that to get to your profile. The top of the profile stats page will tell you the date it was generated (I believe this is in European time, UTC+1, so may differ from your timezone by a few hours depending on where you are).

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Profile -> FTF List shows the current state of our database. With the dashboard FTF tab, I assume you mean your Project-GC stats as displayed on your profile. That page is only updated once per day if you are a paying member of Project-GC and weekly otherwise, so it's natural for that to sometimes lag a bit compared to the other.
answered Jun 8 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (146,750 points)
selected Jun 9 by WanderingExplorer
I am a paying member and if the dashboard updates once per day.  I think there is something else going with timing because I logged a FTF yesterday morning about 6:00am my time (it is now 2:30pm the next day so 32.5 hours later) and it is still not updated.
No, the database does not update once per day. The database updates as soon as it can (which is why the FTF list page is current). "As soon as it can", however, still means that you need to allow 24-36 hours from posting the online log before the log has been detected and processed so that it is available in the database.

Once information is in the database it can be seen by the pages on the site. The FTF list page (and, indeed, almost all pages) use information live as soon as it appears. The Profile Statistics page is different, though, since it takes a very long time to generate. If you request this page and it has been generated less than 24 hours ago, then it will show you a cached version of the page generated earlier (assuming you are a paying member of Project-GC, otherwise it uses the same page copy for a week). Once the page copy is more than 24 hours old, a new request for it will cause a new one to be created.

As you can see, 32 hours is well within the expected timeframe.
Ok that seems reasonable. If you would have said it can take up to 36 hours for the dashboard to sync for the original answer I would have accepted that. Thanks for the follow up.