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0 votes
I'm working on the Washington state Delorme challenge and the Washington Cities and towns challenge and its not updating.
in Miscellaneous by rfyooper88 (120 points)
Please, share a link to the checker you have issues with.
How are you using Project GC to assist with DeLorme Challenges? Where do you see maps?
You can only see the map in the checker

1 Answer

+1 vote

As far I can see the poly is updating

Your latest finds on the Delorme challenge are

Page 74: GC6NPVC - Rainier100 4: Blue Star Memorial (2020-06-14)
Page 75: GC5VDV4 - Rainier100 1: Pacific Crest Trail at Leech Lake (2020-06-14)
Page 76: GC2D8VD - Bridge Over Troubled Water (2020-06-14)

Page 79: GC1JVCK - DRAGNET TWO 00 EIGHT (2020-06-14)

Page 88: GC6NPTX - Rainier100 4: Iron Creek (2020-06-14)

by vogelbird (Expert) (55.5k points)
How do I use Project GC to assist with DeLorme challenges?
To which challenge are you referring to
I guess I am asking in general. If I wanted to look for caches that meet DeLorme grid for any state. Can Project GC help with that? Or how would I be able to show my progress towards a DeLorme Challenge.  Would that only be with a checker?
PGC only has map data for certain DeLorme challenges and that is only available within the specific checkers for those challenges. So if there's a DeLorme challenge you're wanting to try to fulfill, see if there's a checker for it.
Even if there is not a challenge checker for the particular one you are looking at, most of the DeLorme challenges go by if a cache has been found in a particular county in a state, so you can use this feature: