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+1 vote
When showing the live map for eom place,not all caches are shown.
All Filters, except "Exclude my finds" and "Exclude my hides ", are reset.

This shows me 7 Caches in the Center of the map:,7.89522;z=14

And Map Compare shows me 13

Any Idea what/where the problem is?
Thank you
closed with the note: Seems to be a sef made problem. Sorry about that
in Bug reports by fankido (2.4k points)
closed by fankido

1 Answer

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Strange because I see the same caches shown in both maps.  Cache inventory is 10 traditionals, 2 multis, and 1 letterbox.  Also, I cleared all filters and show 13 caches on both maps.  Under live filters scroll down and check to see if you have any of the sizes turned off.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
I checked already and again.
Nothing doing.

This is not the first time I'm missing caches on live map.
Also at my home position there is at least one cache not showing up on live map

I tried Firefox and Chrome and Firefox with addons disabled.
Either on my PC (Linux) and on my Business PC (WIndows)
No success.
Some caches are still missing
10' later ...
After enabling/ disabling / and so on - there the are.
Still no idea why.
That is strange, indeed.  I'm wondering if there is a problem in your settings.  I am assuming you are a Premium member of and also a paid member of PGC?  I went in to check to see if any of the caches are Premium only but none are.  

At this point, it might help if others on this forum can weigh in and offer their experience.
OK, wait, did you mean you can now see all 13 after toggling things on and off?
After deleting an old list, toggling everything sereval times on/off and applying the filter. Enabling and disabling "Save filters between sessions " several times.
Yes. All caches visible now.
There must have been a stuck filter setting.
The point is, I had to enable/disable and save several times to get there

I would still like to know if there are other having the same issue or it's just me - which would slightly bother me.
I think I found the faulty setting - wrong set more than buggy
Just in case the Favorite was at 1-100 instead of 0-100 then it looks pretty the same it looked when I opend the request.

ID"    Cache name    Type    Size    Difficulty    FP    FP%
GC5H3FR    Traditional Cache    Micro    2    2    0.82    0.23
GC5H3FW    Traditional Cache    Micro    2    2    0.42    0.07
GC5H3G0    Traditional Cache    Micro    1.5    2    0.00    0.00
GC5H3G5    Traditional Cache    Micro    1.5    2    1.32    0.45
GC5H3GB    Traditional Cache    Micro    1.5    2    0.00    0.00
GC5H3GC    Traditional Cache    Micro    1.5    2    9.73    6.52
GC5H441    Multi-cache            Small    2    3    43.18    36.09
GC5YYQG    Letterbox Hybrid    Small    1.5    1.5    12.09    8.39
Yes, I think you are right.  When I set the FP slider to 1-10000 I lost 5 caches just like that. Details upon details. So, the best approach is to always clear and apply that change.  I just worked it and everything came back on.

It is so satisfying to solve your own problems, LOL.