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+6 votes
in Feature requests by die jankis (490 points)
The 3 people who have down-voted this question should be ashamed of themselves.

This is clearly a new-ish member, and whilst the question is fairly basic and may have been asked previously, are we not supposed to be helpful here?

Seriously folks, get a grip! New members should be guided, not shouted down! That's just bullying.
Couldn't agree more @TwigNZ and for the record I answered but did not down vote since I recognized that this was a new person.  There will always be new people looking for answers to old questions.  Isn't that part of what a Q&A is all about?

Looks like you shamed them into removing their down votes and I am adding an up vote.
Good point.  At times, there is a bully culture in this forum.  No question deserves to be down-voted, if it's valid and geocaching or PGC related.

5 Answers

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Geocaching President Bryan Roth just said on the Geocaching Vlogger's Youtube Gathering from July 15th that Adventure Labs will likely be on the site by the end of this year.  

by Starkacher (1.3k points)
selected by die jankis
So by asking this mostly already been asked before question we got a new information/answer. Now I will watch the over 1 hour youtube video.

Thanks for asking

Thanks for answering
Rather than endure watching the whole thing, is there any chance someone could tell me at what time in the video the announcement was made?
Start at 59:20
OK, that helps.  Thank you.
Great to hear.
Hopefully we can get all the locations on one map.
Or better still, get the locations integrated with the geocaching map.
+2 votes
Looks like no one actually answered your question!

The geocaching map and most of the tools on (and even here on Project GC) assume that a geocache has a variety of parameters. Geocache coordinates of course, but also country, difficulty, terrain, etc. Lab caches do have coordinates, but they are not assigned to a country, and many of the other parameters that a cache has (such as difficulty, terrain, favourites, DNF logs, and many more) are also not included.

Adventure labs are new, and pose a bit of a dilemma - an adventure lab is not a cache, it is a collection of caches (lab caches). The lab caches cannot be identified without the adventure lab wrapper. How should this be presented on the map? As individual caches? As the adventure lab? For now Geocaching chose to keep them off the main geocaching map.

However as noted elsewhere in this thread they may be added to the GC map sometime this year. Hooray!
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.9k points)
+1 vote

This was asked last year but I do not believe anything has changed.  The previous question and answer link:

I would suggest directing your question to the forum at

by TigreToot (26.5k points)
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As I understand Bryan in that video, he only talked about integration of Advanture Labs into the Geocaching App.

So i think it's about integration of both Apps in one (which could be a fine switch for non-GPS-cachers). For me the comment of Bryan is not pointing on an integration as "full cache type" like virtual or EC on

For me that would be fine, because otherwise it would fully destroy my milestones of found caches...

If I misunderstood that, I hope for an opt-out solution (not counting Adventure Lab founds) or at least for an "not count Lab found until date x.y.2020 option" so that all milestone-lovers like me can still "secure" the milestone-history. For me milestones are a part of my geocaching-life and history.
Since the first Lab Caches was published it was a fix rule of Geocaching, that no lab cache will count as normal cache (challenges, logs, pictureupload, DNF, note, long-term availability...).

by Onkel Benny (3.6k points)
–1 vote
Labs are seperate in the adventure labs app listed and therefore not visible on any other system or app.
by Rumreisenden (4.3k points)