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Today i received a notification of an edited log on a cache i own. But that cache archived ( i know you can still edit your logs in that case) but this cache is also locked. And if it is locked i thought no editing was possible.

So what is happening here?


Hi de trije susters, we have detected 1 new edited logs on 1 geocaches that you own.

Virtual Cache GC7B69T - De Afsluitdijk

Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Size: Virtual

riendrien has edited his/her log entry. Change detected at 2020-07-02 15:06:48 UTC

Found it Found it, 2017-11-14
Op weg van Texel naar een concert in Groningen hebben we ruim tijd en stoppen we bij deze virtual. Ik kan me niet meer herinneren wanneer we hier voor het laatst stopten, maar het is heel lang geleden. Zelfs in de mist blijft het een prachtige plek. Lekker om even de benen te strekken. Hartelijk dank voor deze cache!
in Bug reports by de trije susters (130 points)
I contacted the person (rendrien) who should have edited his/her logentry as mentioned in the notification i got.

Simple answer; she did not even view that specific log. So no editing of the logentry either.

So what is it that Project-GC detected? Is it a bug/ And can it be repaired? This is no good i think.

4 Answers

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I think there are two possibilities -- the log was edited by somebody with privileged to do that (reviewer?) or the cacher changed his preference on whether to share the data with third parties (Project-GC) from not sharing to sharing.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
No, it's not a reviewer. I know them...

The other option i do not think so; locked is locked.
I never claimed it is a reviewer. But he could have asked reviewer or HQ to edit the log as they have the privilege.
The other opinion is not related to that particular cache, but to the particular player and his settings.
I think it really could be the 2nd thing Jakuje mentioned: they set their preference of 3rd-party-sharing from opt-out to opt-in.

I get similar Edit notifications when it's the other way around:
"§OPTOUT:5c55e06b§ has edited his/her log entry. Change detected at 2020-07-01 20:59:00 UTC

Found it, 2020-02-28
Content unavailable. This user has opted-out of sharing certain information with API Authorized Developers."

So if they opt-in again I get their original posting back (as an edit).
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If it were my locked cache, I would contact the reviewer and ask for assistance.  The reviewer may look into it themselves or refer you directly to HQ since this appears to be a bug in their database.  

FYI, I have never been able to edit anything in my log when the cache is locked.  I tried to correct something misspelled and it would not allow it. Locked should not allow any activity other than viewing.
by TigreToot (26.5k points)
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Have you tried to contact the cacher to reedit his changed log? If you don't like what he did - tell him.

And it could be possible that you delete his whole log.

I also had a cacher who filled his log with hundreds of words describing that he needs some found logs with over 400 words to get his project-gc statistics to Diamond with more than 100 words. So he filled some of our old events with nearly 600 words.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
It was my understanding that once the cache is locked not even the CO can make any changes to include deleting a log.  As far as I know, reviewers can't either.  The only people that can make a change is geocaching HQ themselves.  Something doesn't make sense that the logger was able to edit.
I do wonder if the editing occurred way back (before the cache was archived and locked) and probably much nearer the time when the original log was made - I have had this several times with PGC notifications - i agree that it seems possible this has occured when the cacher has changed their oreferences - however one log I looked at did (from 2015) not appear to have anything contentious in the log and there seemed no reason why the log would have been edited 5 years later and my suspicion is that the log was edited shortly after the original (spelling mistake, additional comment etc) - however soehow the notification system has picked it up only now
–1 vote
Is it possible that existing logs can still be edited even if locked - the locking is to stop new logs
I have never had to edit a log in a locked cache so have not tried - but seems logical that even though locked you can still edit what is already there
by Deepdiggingmole (13.1k points)
I tried to change things in an old archived and locked cache. You can edit your log, found status, date, but when you try to save that changes (also i tried this one seperatedly) it's not accepted. It says something like: there is an error.
So in the end nothing is changed.

And it's not logical in my opinion that you can change things. F.i. from not found to found.