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country badges

0 votes
Hi there,  after not visiting for awhile (COVID) I noticed the revamped BadgeGen page.  Nice job and I like the 360 from home tool!  However I did notice that I know have a country badge for Ireland in spite of never having found a cache in Ireland.  On looking at my milestones tab it would appear that my find of GC30V7V, which was in Ontario, Canada has been deemed as being in Ireland on project-gc.  There is no such confusion at  While having an Ireland badge is nice surprise I thought you might want to know about this glitch.

All the best,

Ken "zananoelis" Dworschak
asked Jul 6 in Bug reports by zananoelis (120 points)

1 Answer

+6 votes
Somehow the cache had incorrect country/region data (its location was shown in Ireland/Munster). I refreshed that particular cache via self-support and its administrative location data is now correct. If you want to do it on your own, click the orange support button (visible on many PGC pages), select the self-support option, and type the GC-code in the "Refresh specific geocaches" option. The badgegen will not refresh until the next render of profile stats.
answered Jul 6 by 200e200w (580 points)
Great solution. Did not know that orange button
Thanks for the explanation and information on the orange support button!
I must admit that I was skeptical but now that PGC has updated I see that it worked well.  This is a good thing to pass along to others who might be having similar issues.  Thanks for helpful information.