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Cant u make it possible to search text in field note (Personal cache notes on webpage) ? Only my own text i have written tht to find
in Feature requests by Ronnya71 (760 points)
edited by Ronnya71
Arent those only stored locally on your mobile device? In that case they would not be accessible of course...
Personal cache notes on webpage.
The keyword is 'personal' meaning you and only you would see them.  PGC only downloads data that is accessible from  As far as I understand it, not even collects personal cache notes in there database. So, it would be impractical for PGC to set up a search engine for them.

Anyway, you could certainly ask this question in their forum.  Good luck.
Field notes and the Personal cache note field are two entirely different things. Field notes (nowadays called Drafts) are log notes that you write while out caching and then complete to real logs once you get home. Personal cache notes are any type of notes about a cache (I use them for notes about solutions for mysteries, mostly).
Yes sorry.

It it personal cache notes i want to be to search after.

If its possible to add that function on PGC.

2 Answers

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Field notes can be uploaded from mobile devices on

So PGC should be able to read all those uploaded notes after authentification:
"If you download or use an Authorized Developer’s application or website, you will be asked to give your permission to allow us to share certain non-public information such as your location data with the Authorized Developer."

So - yes this would be (technically) possible. PGC can acces non-public "personal" information.

by Onkel Benny (3.2k points)
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OK, now I understand what you are looking for.  If I am correct, you are looking for a Tool that will gather all of your Personal Cache Notes in a list summary by GC code and cache name that you can filter by cache type and also provide keyword search capabilities.  

I believe you mean this area on the cache description page:

Personal Cache Note

Click to enter a note

Yes, this would be a very useful tool to help search for the following reasons:

  1. Puzzle solutions - add a note for future reference how you solved it.
  2. Parking way-points - I only use a GPS and not a smart phone.
  3. Cache find details - spoiler information not included in Found It logs.
  4. Coordinates - reference points
by TigreToot (23.5k points)
edited by TigreToot
Yes, it is downloaded by PGC because it contains corrected coordinates [1], but it is not searchable at this moment.