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Social Cacher badge count

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Hello, since The Lost & Found Cacher badge was canceled and Community Celebration Events don't have their own badge (only addon for Geocacher badge), I suggest to count Community Celebration Events together with Event Caches.

This is currect event situation:
Event Cache -> Social Cacher
Cache In Trash Out Event -> Enviromental Cacher
Mega-Event Cache -> MEGA Social Cacher
Community Celebration Event -> nothing
Giga-Event Cache -> GIGA Social Cacher

There are two options:
1) Count Event Caches together with CCE. For example: 160 Event Caches + 20 CCE = 180 = Diamond Social Cacher.
2) Create new badge only for Community Celebration Events.

asked Jul 13 in Feature requests by hynous (2,970 points)
Your option #1, I was under the impression the Community Celebration Events (CCE) are already being included in the Event Cache numbers on therefore it will be included in the Social Cacher badge count.  I have not attended a CCE yet because of this Covid-19 crisis, so I can't verify my assumption.

I understand, based on what I've read, that CCE is a limited release function by HQ. I'm not sure it makes sense to create a separate badge for this but others may disagree.
I attended 219 Event Caches and 14 Community Celebration Events. My Social Cacher badge has score 219.
TigreToot is incorrect - how caches are group in has no correlation to how they are grouped in PGC. the groupings are completely independent. I agree that adding the CCE caches to PGC's event cache count is a good idea (and add in the L&F caches too).
@Seagnoid thanks for clarifying.  Perhaps a separate badge is warranted.
Unless CCE events are going to continue beyond this year (as in they are going to be a regular event moving forward) then I would be against creating a new badge for them as it won't be one we could work on.
My thought is that they should be lumped in with Events.
Due to the Corona pandemic, CCE events will be available next year as well. But that is a break from standard procedures due to the current impact of Corona, of which we all hope that it will never recur in the future. As for the availability of CCE events in the future, I would expect them to be available once every 5 or 10 years.

Personally I'd love to have a separate badge for CCE events. Given that these are handed out quite a lot (which may change in the future?), maxing out at around 20-25 (like double the steps for mega events) sounds good to me.

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