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+1 vote
It's strange: today I checked my last finds that I had found today.

And in statistics the youngest find is from 2020-06-29!

This is the cache:

As you can see the date of "youngest cache" is older than date of creation.

What went wrong?

Thanx a lot for help!
closed with the note: I'm sorry having disturbed you! It was my fault: I mixed creation date and published date. What Project-CG shows is correct. Sorry!
in Bug reports by eltopo00 (1.8k points)
closed by eltopo00

1 Answer

0 votes
Youngest cache has the date of hiding the cache, not the date of your visit.

If you want to see the latest cache visited, you can use Milestones page, which lists also the last found cache.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)