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I have to believe there's a reason Project-GC segregates out the number of lab cache finds, rather than grouping them in with all other finds like does.

Given the boost in the number of labs, the discrepancy between the number of finds on Project-GC vs. is growing over time, changing ever-dramatically the distance between milestones on the 2 sites.

I would love to see the lab-cache distinction done away with to harmonize with

Can this be done? If there's opposition, can you explain it to inform the masses?

in Feature requests by MrARC (130 points)

2 Answers

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Lab caches are included in the total count for paying members.  Non-paying users do not have this option. Paying members must also check the following box next to this text: 

Include lab cache finds where applicable Paying members only

To find this, click on the following link: and click on the Settings tab in the upper left side.

This is one of the many incentives that PGC provides along with a host of other tools, functions, and resources. As I did before purchasing a membership, you could always try the trial membership and see what those incentives are for yourself.

by TigreToot (21.5k points)
edited by TigreToot
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As TigreToot mentions, Labs can be included in your top level stats.

One of the reasons they are segregated is that there is little to no data associated with them.

Lab caches do not have: D/T, Size, Location...even find dates are innacurate as all Labs are found in US time, regardless of where they are.   Thus they are impossible to add to most measures of stats,
by GreyHams (1.1k points)
I knew that the earlier Labs Caches had date problems if you did not do them  live on your phone.  Most of the early Labs that did at Mega events, I would log the Lab cache up to a week later, once I got home on my computer (as I did not have smartphone access).   Geocaching,com and Project-GC has those recorded as the date that I logged them online.   This has thrown off quite a few of my single day find count totals for things such as Pyramid Challenges (such as    I thought that it was no longer an issue with Adventure Labs as they have to be done via phone live online.    I did not know that it does not use the date/time of your phone.     For me in the US, I likely will not have this as a problem as I would not be doing the Adventure Labs within 3 hours of midnight.
I live in Australia, if I log a lab before 11am it is registered as ‘yesterday’
It's a bit later than that.The last time I experimented (admittedly a few month ago before all this bloody Covid stuff) Lab Caches were time stamped according to Seattle time. I live in New Zealand, and right now anything I find before 7pm counts as yesterday. Once our Daylight Saving kicks in and theirs goes back then it becomes 9pm.
A right pain in the arse to have only a 3 hour window of opportunity to ensure that your finds are correctly recorded!