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virtual cacher

+2 votes
The Virtual Cacher badge in BageGen comes with an addon for "old virtuals". Is there a quick way to check how many old virtuals a geocacher has found?

And to add a feature request, possibly this number could also be added to the floating description when mousing over the virtual cacher badge? I think that would be useful. Thanks!
asked Jul 21 in Support and help by NLBokkie (2,940 points)

1 Answer

+6 votes
Best answer

Yes use Map Compare.  I've set up the filters needed for you in this link

Scroll under the map and click on the tab NLBokkie found for a complete list.

Regarding the floating description for addons, I am not sure if that will be programmed into future badgegen versions but it is a good idea.

answered Jul 21 by TigreToot (12,590 points)
selected Jul 21 by NLBokkie
Glad to help and thank you for selecting my answer as best.
My link was to just get the user started and I didn't want to do all the work.