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I am getting daily emails from the Edited Log Notifier. It was nice getting these emails before telling me when somebody change their log usually for challenges. But now I’m getting lots of emails of edited logs showing opted out cachers. Most of these logs were logged many years ago. So I don’t understand why I am now getting these logs
in Bug reports by jellis (450 points)
The 'opted out' users definitely frustrate things a little bit.
I know myself, being a 'challenge cache owner', that I like to see edited logs.

?I guess, if you see an edited log from an opted out user you can go and track that log down to see who it is? (copy and paste)

1 Answer

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A similar question was asked a little while ago and the suggestion included: 

 “These are logs from people who have chosen not to allow registered API partners (like Project-GC) to access their data. This means that their logs appear to change, but what really happens is that Project-GC can't access them.  HQ may be moving to a stricter enforcement of this and possibly other GDPR-related things.”

Hope that helps.

by GCZ Team (20.9k points)
I understand the opted out. But why am I getting them now when are from like 2011 to 2016?
Still not getting the answer I’m looking for. Why after many years I am now getting these emails who change their logs. I checked their logs but why now? I know they aren’t just editing them now from years ago.
Is it possible that they have only just opted out and the system is back-dating the logs?