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Why can't I use the vote button on the LHS? (Im using Firefox browser on a Macbook)

0 votes
asked 5 days ago in Bug reports by dahumbug (140 points)
For some apparent reason, this feature is working now.
What does LHS mean?
LHS - left hand side
OK thanks for letting me know. Obviously I don't text much otherwise I would probably know what it meant.

2 Answers

+2 votes
Voting is disabled for users with less than a minimum amount of use on this forum. It may be that asking this question gave you just enough experience points to give you voting rights.
answered 4 days ago by Optimist on the run (Expert) (17,880 points)
0 votes
I remember starting with 100 points. I asked my first question worth 20 points and found it still wasn't enough. As soon as I got my first up vote worth 10 points, the system unlocked my ability to vote.
answered 4 days ago by TigreToot (12,590 points)
edited 2 days ago by TigreToot