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I completed my Arizona County Challenge back in February and when I look on my map stats of Arizona it shows that I still lack Greenlee County. That is NOT correct. I found GC6ZD50 ( New Mexico-Arizona S/L on Virden Road). On Cachly it clearly shows this cache is in Greenlee County and on MyGeocachingStats it shows this cache was in Greenlee County. I am not sure why Project GC is not recognizing it.

I attempted to make contact through support and the email would never go through.

I would appreciate your attention in this matter.

Thank you in advance,

Dora Harper
in Support and help by Diggin' Up Bones (130 points)
When working challenge caches I try to grab a few additional caches if one is very close to a state, county, or DeLorme grid border for this very reason.

1 Answer

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The cache you found is in a county in New Mexico

Hidalgo County (NM) - 2020-02-07 GC6ZD50 - New Mexico-Arizona S/L on Virden Road (Traditional Cache)

You can see the location at,-109.04825;z=18

by vogelbird (Expert) (55.5k points)

Project GC does not change state or country data. It gets the data from On google it looks like Arizona but I think geocaching has this one in New Mexico. So also PCG has the cache in New Mexico.

Did you have problems with the captcha Question/Answer and your browser settings. Sometims (like firefox) you have problems with the browser settings and captcha acceptings.

Your information is not correct. Project-GC gets the GPX coordinates from geocaching but uses the polygon data to calculate the actual coordinates in relation to the OpenStreetMap data. So very often geocaching gives a cache in the listing in a different State then PGC.
Geocaching does not use polygon data but just what the CO places on the listing/
That's why the PGC data is more precise
"Geocaching does not use polygon data but just what the CO places on the listing"

that's a very important part, most people don't realise.
If the CO uses the wrong county/country here, it shows up wrong on geocaching and most of the other sites. Had a look on MyGCProfile FAQ, they seem to first assume GC is correct and only change it manually if someone send them an email about it.

The mentioned cache has its co-ordinates in NM, as clearly showing on the OSM. I have the PGC browser plug-in, which corrects listing data automatically.

But I looked up the map in Google and indeed, the border is far more to the east, placing the cache in Arizona. On the Esri DeLorme Map, the cache is placed right on top of the border. All depends on the map it seems.

PGC uses officical polygon data, so probably most precise.