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when I export GPX from virtual GPS and then import it to the app in my phone, caches are imported but they do miss all waypoints like stages, parking etc. I face this issue for many months but thought it is related to the app c:geo I was using exclusively. Now I started using Locus and noticed the same problem.

How I import on the phone: I tap on the downloaded ZIP file and chose the app I want to use to open the ZIP file (either c:geo or Locus). 

I also tried to extract the ZIP file and import the main GPX file first, and then the second GPX with waypoints. This works for Locus but c:geo is still not able to import any waypoints (I get a info message Result 0 caches imported).

Considering both apps are able to open ZIP file, I would expect that both GPX in this ZIP file are imported at once. 

Is anybody else facing this problem? What can I do to be able to import caches with waypoints in single step?


in Support and help by Dr_Gr√ľnstein (410 points)
Reading this, it looks like c:geo and Locus issues. You can double-check if either of them is able to import normal Pocket Queries from Geocaching and if not, it is probably time to fill an issue for c:geo or Locus.
Both apps import official pocket queries including waypoints.
I've never seen it working different as far as I remember.
This is why I always reload all Geocaches after the import from vgps.gpx files into CGEO. One is to get all waypoints and to get well formated listings.
I just made an export from CGEO. This gpx-file is containing waypoints in the sane file as the caches. Meaning CGEO is not generating a separate waypoint-file

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