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+11 votes
Is there a way to let Project-GC show me whether I have fulfilled the D / T 81 matrix only with caches from certain countries? Such as only caches from Poland, Croatia or the USA.
in Feature requests by Virtualboy (290 points)
Good idea. would be a nice tool.
I don't see a tool or statistic to show DT for any arbitrary country, but I do know it's very easy to do this in a challenge checker.
Recently I was looking for how many D/T caches I found in a certain state. This would be a great feature and I gave it an uptick.  As a workaround, however what I ultimately ended up doing was downloading the MyFindsPocketQuery from and imported into an MSExcel file.  I then did the appropriate filtering to see if I was missing anything from that region. Just an alternative method.
Best would be to simply have the standard country-state-county filter added to the D/T tool.
Unfortunately the suggestion does not work. Because even if I insert a country, the entries of all the countries I visited before are still included.

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