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+5 votes

the 4 new geocaching attributes are also available at PCG.

It tooks some days I got them counted. So I already have some bonus, challenge, power trail and solution checker attributes.

I got back to diamond as I now have 107 attributes.

Possible bug: As I had looped the "Attribute Cacher Badge" 5 times and with the 4 new attributes still have looped all 107 attributes 5 times, I would have expected that I again get the loop sign 5.

But it's not showing.

Bug or will it take some more days for PGC to get all the data?
in Bug reports by supertwinfan (17.8k points)
edited by supertwinfan

3 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

by supertwinfan (17.8k points)
selected by supertwinfan
I didn't realize it was acceptable to choose oneself as best answer.  Thankfully, PGC doesn't reward 500 points or the bonus of 100 for choosing.
+7 votes
It's a bug. Thank you for a clear bug report containing all the data we needed.

There is a fifth attribute coming at a later point, this was partially needed for the badge. This was of course wrong since you can't get it. We will release a fix for it before the weekend.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
Thanks. Take your time. Think it's not urgent.
0 votes
On my profile, the Loop is correct (I have 1, and need one more 'dive'-attribute for my second one). However, when I hover over the badge, it says '107' more needed to go up a level, whereas this should be '1' more needed. In the table it's the same: in the column 'Remaining', it says 107 where it should be 1.
by CaracalShan (1.5k points)