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I started an FTF list on because it was not showing my FTFs properly (keeps saying I have an FTF that most certainly wasn't), with my correct FTFs on it, however it is still showing this wrong cache on the FTF tab (this was made a while ago, I just added to the list so noticed). What is going on?
in Support and help by Moore4us (4.8k points)
edited by Moore4us

3 Answers

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If you add an FTF list, that won't change any of your already existing FTFs. It may add new ones. The FTF list and your FTF markings in your logs are both used.

What's the GC code of the cache that you don't have FTF for, but that is listed as an FTF?
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (181k points)
selected by Moore4us
GC564A7 (I ♥ Letterboxes Challenge)
You are using the FTF tag "(FTF)" in that log entry so Project-GC will consider that an FTF for you. If you just want to state that the cache you are talking about was an FTF, you can write "(FTF for us)" or something like that (or just "FTF" without the parentheses).

If you edit that log to remove the FTF tag, it will take some time before Project-GC notices the change since we don't get notifications about log edits. You can speed up that process by requesting a refresh of that cache via Support -> Self-support.
Thank you, I hadn't realised that that counted as a tag as it was in brackets (and I assumed anyway that FTF list replaced it)
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If you have more questions about how PGC handles FTFs, this FAQ should answer your questions

I always use [FTF] @ 00:00 a.m./p.m. at the very beginning of my log to make it easy for PGC to identify it as an FTF.  The @ time isn't necessary for the system to recognize it as an FTF but I always put that there to let everyone know when I claimed the FTF.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
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As I can see in your profile you have the FTF on 2018-08-02

Within your log for GC564A7 you have : 
GC5NGNH K - Knaphill - Surrey A-Z UK (which was an FTF)

As you have the FTF in brackets (xxx FTF) it is counted.

You can edit you log like: GC5NGNH K - Knaphill - Surrey A-Z UK which was an FTF

==> GC564A7 is NOT counted as FTF. It will be replaced after the next PGC update (night for paying members, 7 days for non-members)

I use [FTF] square brackets if I really did a FTF 

and something like: congratulations to xx for there FTF if I want the FTF in a logtext.

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)