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We have found (completed) 2 challenges lately that don't show up in our challenge stats.

+2 votes
Project GC has challenge checkers for both. Project GC shows that we qualify for both, Project GC shows that we found them both. But they don't show up as completed challenges in our stats.


asked Sep 16 in Support and help by Blues Crew (2,240 points)
I have found that there is another thread for requesting that challenges be added.

3 Answers

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I wonder whether this might be because neither challenge has the challenge attribute. I believe Project-GC is in the process of switching over to using this attribute to identify challenges.
answered Sep 16 by sumbloke (Expert) (33,230 points)
selected Sep 16 by Blues Crew
I thought that if there is a challenge checker, Project GC would automatically know that it is a challenge??  Some people just don't use the attributes much OR may even purposely use the wrong attributes! Such as wheelchair, scuba, mountain climb, etc.
The challenge attribute is one of the few that Geocaching HQ actually mandates (for new challenges).

As for having a checker meaning that it's a challenge, that's actually backwards. If the Project-GC system detects a non-challenge that someone has made a checker for, that checker will be deactivated. Project-GC has historically had its own list of challenges (containing some grandfathered caches that didn't follow current guidelines, like not having "challenge" in the name) as well as excluding caches that had "challenge" in the name but actually were not challenge caches.

Going forward, we will use both the attribute and (for the occasional old cache that haven't gotten the challenge attribute but should have) this exception system as well.
+2 votes

As I can see you did the GC8ZVZE just one day ago. 

Please give the system some time (about 24 hour) for updating.

Also GC86TE1 is just 5 days ago and already deactivated. 

Think you should (have to) wait some days. Payment member about one day, non payment member about a week.

answered Sep 16 by supertwinfan (15,600 points)
Deactivated shouldn't make a difference. HQ allows them to still be logged. And we are paying members, so our other data was updated.   I don't know what info ProjGC uses to qualify a challenge currently.
As always, you need to allow 24-36 hours from writing the online log for Project-GC to detect and process your log. After that has happened, your Profile stats page needs to regenerate. Most likely, these logs just didn't get read in time before your last regeneration and will thus appear after the next one.
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The thread for requesting that a challenge be added is but in both cases PGC already recognizes them as challenges so no need to add it to the list.  I looked up your statistics and they are both listed under Challenges logged.

I also noticed that this challenge GC8ZVZE is not using the attribute and was published on 11 Sep 2020 so it appears that not all reviewers are actually checking for the Challenge cache attribute.  I would message the CO and request they add that attribute.

It appears that the other challenge GC86TE1 is also not using the attribute.  I would recommend contacting that CO as well.
answered Sep 16 by TigreToot (17,000 points)