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+4 votes
I used to use Geo Printer at work. During my noon breaks, I made a list of caches with it and printed it.

Since a few days, Geoprinter does not work anymor on my workplace, so I am looking for another possibility.
in Feature requests by KaPe- (300 points)
Nothing exists that I have found.  Unfortunately, the only way I know to do that is to copy and paste into MS Word and print it from there.  Yes, I know, very archaic and clunky.

1 Answer

0 votes
Good Idea. I see this as feature request for the VGPS. This will boost the usage of VGPS to a new level.
Especially if the printed information can be configurated ans selected (activated / deactivated / activated in selective manner).

I would use that for printing PDFs.
by Onkel Benny (3.2k points)
Wondering about the downvote.
Is there a print function in PGC?
If not - why is it negative to think about...

Nevertheless, if PGC doesn't take actions, you can try to evaluate the reason for nonworking Geoprinter. If it is a server issue on working place, an import function for GPX can combine the power of PGC (source for exported lists in GPX Format) with the full functionality of Geoprinter (working "offline" with importeted GPXies). The Developer of Geoprinter need to add the import function. This will give also stability in use die the additional data input Interface.

You can also use offline / sandboxed virtual machine when asking your admins. Print can be activated / allowed or you can go the additional way with additional PDF/XPS step.

Also a portable Chrome Application Version may be a solution.

Best regards,
Onkel Benny
It is my guess that the down vote is due to your response not really answering the question and would be better as a comment.  I actually up voted the question since I consider it a good idea.  Please keep in mind, just because I happened to respond doesn't necessarily mean that I down voted you.  I've been down voted by others with no explanation and it is annoying to have that happen.  How can I learn how to do things properly if I don't get a response why I was down voted.  

When I first started on this Q & A, I really didn't understand the difference and was continually being down voted by Jakuje (moderator).  It was explained to me that this is not a discussion forum and that my answers were considered "useless chatter." Yes, I was seriously put off by that.  

I will admit that it did help me to understand if I don't have the details needed to answer I usually bypass or just comment.  I learned that if I convert from an answer to a comment all the down vote points are dropped.
Dear TigreToot,

Thanks for the explanation.
For my answer I dont understand this anyway:

I gave additional input (two times) for the feature request. Including explanation for the promoting effect for VGPS.
(we all remeber the PGC promotion in GCs Newsletter beginning 2020)

Is there sone kind of product management at PGC. The terms of Open Innovation shouldn't be destroyed by lordy users / mods.

@magma1447: Innovation needs support and feedback of the community.

If TigreToot (thanks again for your response!) is right, a real "answer" in Q&As Feature Request can be given only by you magma:

Feature will (not) be implemented (soon/ever).

Besides: A Feature request is not a question and so a differentation between Question / Answer / Comment isn't possible...

In terms of rewarding innovative proposals we need "Suggestion" instead of "Question" and "(evolving) Support" instead of "Answer".
Comment is still fine for "yes that would be cool" logs without further Input.

In my view there are many users that welcome new Features. So are Feature Request also beloved by PGC @magma1447 ?
I couldn't agree more with your assessment @Onkel Benny.  Considering the latest 2 Feature Requests:

there is absolutely nothing I can contribute since I have absolutely no knowledge of either area.  With that said, the only one that can truly answer is the owner unless another user has worked with the programming.  Personally, Feature Requests need to be handled on a completely different Q&A similar to how the challenge requests are handled.

When someone has a question and I don't have the answer, it forces me to research and that action helps me to learn more about the features on PGC (all good).  When I can provide a helpful answer, I really appreciate those who up vote especially when someone is generous and selects as best answer.  BTW when you select someone's answer as best you earn a 100 point bonus. Thankfully, I have had more people do that for me than down vote.