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+3 votes
It's of course possible to buy a membership for oneself on

But is it possible to buy a membership for someone else as a present - for example in the same way it's possible on
in Miscellaneous by hotdog1001 (450 points)

1 Answer

+3 votes
There are plans for this, but at the moment it's not possible.

How it will work is that you buy a "gift certificate", which is a link. The one using that link later on can claim the membership attached to it. I would hope we get around to implement it this year, but I can't  give that promise right now. It's a nice to have thing, but honestly, not many who has asked for it, yet.

But it would be higher prioritized if we notice that the demand raises. Either by more users writing in this thread, or by contacting us in other ways regarding this.
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
If you had gift membership available, it would make it much easier to give them away as prizes at events.  I wanted to do that for the event I'm holding on March 1st:  I will try to figure out a way to do that.
Gifting was actually implemented this month, though it wasn't implemented as planned. There is no gift certificate/coupon code created. The membership activates right away on the account it's bought for.

For your use case a link would probably have been much better.
I'm looking to give away a membership as a prize. Can anyone explain how I might do this?
The only solution this far is to use the "Gift membership to a friend" checkbox at

One can not yet buy a membership gift certificate to hand out physically.