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0 votes
I always see on the types of caches "GPS MAZE", and it has a logo with Signal the Frog jumping over the world.  What type of cache is this, and is it rare to find one?
in Support and help by brandonc23 (360 points)
I would say that a GPS Maze cache type is rare since they are only available at some Mega or Giga events.  With that said, not all of these huge events will have one. That could change as time moves on because it is my understanding they are becoming increasingly popular.

2 Answers

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by AxelFox (2.2k points)
selected by brandonc23
Thanks for the link @AxelFox.  After reading the information, it appears that their are now 2 active GPS mazes.
–2 votes

A GPS Maze is a kind off school event were you can learn about geocaching 

It is organized on special request by geocachers from the Czech Republic, usually at the larger events.
by Getzie family (130 points)