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0 votes
I am looking for the statistics and trying to use the map compare feature on an existing Username but doesn’t seem to find the User. Is there a way of telling the system to check for that User again? The user had a different name and changed that, maybe didn’t get that and sees no reason to look for that User.

in Support and help by wwwde40 (360 points)
Additional details would be helpful such as when did the user name switch occur and did you try the previous user name.  Also, it might help if you provided both the old user name and the new one so we can try looking it up as well.  Thanks.

3 Answers

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Could you please try to find the user (old and new name) within and fill in the profilename.

You really have to write the name correct. Upper / lower case is really important. A space at the end or the beginning is not valid.

If you find the user with the profilename in the PGC statistics, you can use this name for the map compare.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
It somehow worked this time. I did copy the old and new name before into the quicksearch on the first page of but as described it didn’t worked back then. Is there a difference between searching on the first page ( ) and searching on the dedicated site ( )?
It works now so thanks to all trying to help!
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To answer the question in your comment, yes, there is a difference in the search parameters when using the dashboard or top menu bar.  It searches for specific tools and functions.  As you type a keyword, it will auto assist with a drop down menu to help you pinpoint the tool or function you are looking for.

When you click on a tool that requires a username, as you type, it remembers previous usernames and will offer a drop down menu to help assist with locating the person.  As mentioned in another answer, it is case sensitive and you have to avoid spaces unless the user name has one inside it.

To expand on my answer, PGC has a sophisticated search capability that you can use from the Dashboard and paying members have Advanced Search capabilities that take it even further.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)
edited by TigreToot
User is my friend, but his user name is not found on PGC...
0 votes
Have your friend opted out of sharing their information with API-developers? It's a setting at and it would cause this behaviour.
by Pleu (48.0k points)