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0 votes

I have checked - the user name is perfectly the same as on Thru PGC Dashboard - typing in the name takes me to the correct profile page on, but on PGC Profile stats it responds: Profile XXX not found (names are case sensitive)

Very weird..

related to an answer for: User not found Even though the User exists
in Support and help by AnsisB (250 points)
edited by AnsisB

1 Answer

0 votes
Have your friend opted out of sharing their information with API-developers? It's a setting at and it would cause this behaviour.
by Pleu (48.0k points)
Wonderful, thanks for sharing. I will check with him.
Meanwhile, on my c:geo app I do see his activities on "Friends" tab. If this requires the same API permission, then this might not be the case.
Will come back here soon :)
C:geo is a webscraper and does not use the official API so I would still guess that this is the problem. :)