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+3 votes

In the D/T History in Beta (,between the GC code and the date found, would you please include the actual name of each cache. Would save me having to click through each GC code trying to figure out which ones they were. Thanks!  

Update: I did discover the cache name does come up with a rollover, however, I'd still like to see the cache name openly shown while simply scrolling down.

in Feature requests by J&LA (650 points)
edited by Jakuje (Moderator)
This is a good idea and hopefully it can be implemented.

1 Answer

+6 votes

Does this seem more appealing? Don't mind the pink background, it's just our development environment that looks like that.

by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
Yes, that looks great.
Agree - looks good
That does look nice.  I do wonder, though, if you could leave the "change boxes" on the right and have the date, gc code and cache name to the left the way it is now, then simply include the cache name.  It was very easy to scroll down the page and see all the gc codes stacked one on top of the other in a column with the boxes in rows off to the right. I'd add a screenshot of what I mean but not sure how.
The Admin was just trying to give one example how the information is displayed or formatted.  There are other options you can use.  Try downloading into a .CSV file, open in Excel or similar spreadsheet.  When the fix / update is implemented, the option of rows and columns will automatically be available that way along with other formats.  The important thing is the name will now appear in a separate column next to the GC code or now appear in whatever format you choose.
I don't use spreadsheets, only the website. I'm sure it'll look however I want it to as an export, but that is no use to me since I never export any of these lists.
My comment was intended to offer an option to provide a way to create a screenshot. I was just trying to help out.  I would not have known you have no use for the export functions or the spreadsheet capability.
Not sure what you are saying. I don't see/haven't seen a place to add a screenshot here.  New to the forums so you may have to point me to it. Tks.
I was just trying to point out alternatives.  No worries.