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0 votes
At the moment I reached the limit of the config lines.

Question. Can they be increased or shall I skip these challenges and provide no checkers
in Support and help by vogelbird (Expert) (56.6k points)
I've also hit the config limit with some of my problems for some checkers. For me this time I managed to find a way to compress the config down to make it fit but that's not always a sensible solution. Of course the other option is to duplicate the script and hard code the config but that also isn't ideal...

1 Answer

+1 vote
I have seen mole125's configs, and though it's pretty cool, it's not really the intended way to write scripts. I wonder how it will be to maintain. I know lillfilurens generic checker is something he regrets, and that he rather had several short and easy to understand scripts.

Regardless, What kind of case requires such big config? Of course the config can be increased, it's not a huge amount of work, but may be a few places to change it in. But the idea is that the configs should be fairly short so that they are readable as well.

They will then of course be less readable if keywords like type and size becomes t and s (and so on) to reduce the size. But in my mind, in the cases I have thought about, 4 kB is quite a lot of config data.
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
By the way, there are also technical reasons to why I am a bit restrictive with the config. It may be that we at some point switch part of the database to MySQL Cluseter. Then we want each DB row to be <= 8 kB, and the config is only a part of that row. There is still room to increase it a bit without ruining our chance. But if 4 kB isn't enough, I assume 6 kB won't be enough in the long-run either.
So what you are saying is that I need to set my target higher :D
To be fair we do have 40% more than you so it might take me a little longer!
3 vs 1, so you only need 25% :)

We actually held a "Creating PGC checkers"-workshop at a Mega event in November. Do you think such thing would be attractive to have in UK? I do have some contact with UK Mega Essex 2015, but I haven't asked them. I don't really know the culture around events in UK (also I haven't had the time to actually discuss it).
I've been to a couple in the UK and they do normally have various talks and the like as side events so a creating PGC checkers would likely to be of interest. I'm planning to be there and would be more than happy to give you any help you need at it.
It was actually lillfiluren that held the one in Sweden, after me asking him. I was there assisting though. If we do one in the UK, I will ask him again. He has already pointed out that he wouldn't mind a weekend of geocaching. :) We will see if I get around to it, but I'll tell you if something will happen. Would be nice to meet at the very least.