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A thing, that could be awesome, would be if it was possible to click on a field in one of the statistics pages and find what it is based on.

- click on a date in the found it calendar and get a list of all caches found on that day
- click on a field in your D/T matrix and get a list of the caches found with that specific D/T
- click on a badge to find out what you did/found to having earned that specific badge
- click on an attribute to see what caches you have found with that specific attribute
- etc.

Maybe even an option to afterwards sort by found/not found within a specific area/year just like the regular tools so that both options are available.

I know most of the statistics can be generated via the top menu already, but it would be very user friendly to integrate it into the visuals as well.

It would also be awesome to integrate a click-option on the maps in order to find caches in that specific country/region/county instead of having to find out what the name of the county in ie northern Sewden that is still white is called when you're not local. A click here could just take you to that specific excisting tab with the filters set.
in Feature requests by IsabellaMolly (980 points)
For your last request (about the maps), it is available to paying members through Map Regions/Map Counties tools (in the Tools menu). I know these requests are about integrating into the stats, but I thought I should point out that these tools exist.

For your specific example, you could use Map Counties and specify Sweden, then look for the red county and click on it. It will show (for example) "0 finds in Arjeplog" as a link. Clicking on that link will give a map of all available caches in that county.
Yeah - it would just be nice to have it integrated in the map-tap instead of having to find it in the menu :-) just to make the tools easier to find and use :-)
This would be great. I remember used to have this functionality, at least in some areas like D/T.
I agree that clickable statistics would be awesome. I have often wanted a list of, say, all of the caches for a particular D/T rating that I had found that correspond to the number in the grid. This seems like it would take a lot of (I don't know the right word, memory? bandwidth?) to generate this for every parameter, though?

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