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According to The Odd-sized cacher badge explanation it is awarded for logging "other" and "not chosen" sized caches. Our badge tells us that we have logged 1183 such caches but when we filter our "found caches size other" on we get the result 1410 (we also have found a number of not chosen size but can't easily find out how many). So either there seems to be a bug in the badge, or the explanation is not complete when it comes to how the number of odd-sized caches is calculated.
in Bug reports by Sakletarna (360 points)

2 Answers

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From what I can tell there is no bug.  According to the wiki it states 'Log "other" or "not chosen" size badges to gain this badge.'  This language says nothing about virtual caches which is another completely different category.

Your totals are as follows:

Other - 954, Not Chosen - 229 = 954 + 229 = 1183 which is what the badge is tracking according to your PGC statistics.  You have found 227 virtual caches and when you add that to 1183 you will get the 1410 total.  I'm not exactly sure what filters you are using but you must turn off virtual caches since there is another badge that tracks that separately and has nothing to do with "other" or "not chosen."

PGC uses downloaded data from and that website designates "other" and "not chosen" categories and then tallies the totals.  PGC will just report what it sees.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)
edited by TigreToot
Thanks for the explanation. For us, though, caches are caches so it's not obvious that virtual caches should be excluded in this case and therefore it would be great if what is included/excluded could be explained on the page. And if virtual caches are excluded, why aren't events, webcams, and earthcaches which also have no containers nor logbooks to sign and which are given the size Other by It's a bit difficult to see the logic here ...
The webcams, wherigos, earthcaches, and events each have their own badge reward.  To me, it makes sense to count totals separately and not double count them.
... or include all cache types that have been given size other on, i.e also virtuals. That would make it easier to understand.
The argument about webcams, wherigos, earthcaches, and events each have their own badge reward does not hold - wherigos are physical caches and so could be any size including not chosen or other
Webcams, Virtuals, Earthcaches and Events (various types) do have their own badges - however they are not ALL virtuals when it comes to cache 'size'

When the OP was quoting stats and had added their virtual count to get their 1410 - this is just the virtual 'size'  - the argument given being that the additional 227 'virtual'  would result in the figures given.
Note : - Virtual 'size' does NOT mean virtual 'cache' of which the OP has only found 217   
these two things are completely different - and so going back to my original statement - although webcams, wherigos, earthcaches, and events each have their own badge reward their count are included in the Not chosen or other 'sizes' and even in the virtual size

Taking my stats
for the 'Odd sized' badge - 3192 finds
My stats show 2697 Other, 495 Not Chosen (which gives the 3192 figure) and 157 Virtual (these are the sizes stats)
Actual caches 137 Virtual, 109 Events, 249 Earthcache, 17 Webcams and 14 Locationless
These non physical caches total 526 and so 369 of these must have been catagorised other or not chosen for their sizes and so as well as their own badge they must have been used for the total in the odd sized badge.
The total figure therefore for the odd sized badge is a mixture of physical and non physical and discounting 'virtual size is not simply discounting all virtual caches.

I accept it is clear when it says "Log 'other' or 'not chosen' sized caches to gain this badge" but this is not due to discounting certain types
I don't go after wherigoe caches but the few that I have completed do have a physical container size.  OK, so strike that from my statement.  I should have worded it a bit better.  It is true that sometimes they are double counted and I wish that were not the case.  It's difficult to distinguish and that is probably the point of the thread in the first place.  The only way we will know if it is or isn't a bug is if the Admin can let us know.
I don't think its a bug - its just the way these things are added up - the 'Other' and 'Not chosen' totals tally with my GC figures and these added do match up the figure given for the 'odd sized cacher badge' - I was simply saying that these are not specific cache type related
A bit related to this: challenge caches are counted for 2 Badges: the mysterious cacher, and the achiever. So that's another type of cache that counts towards 2 different badges. Event however are not included in the 'Hider' badge, so there's a bit of a difference depending on each badge.
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If you add "Other" and "Not chosen" it gives you a total of 1183 Caches.
1410 is the total including "Virtual" caches

by fankido (2.4k points)
No - its including virtual 'size' count - The virtual 'size' and virtual 'caches' are two different things
Thanks for correction and - someone - for the down vote.

My opinion: Virtual Caches have "virtual size". So not wrong but may be not very precise. Although still correct, I believe?
My virtual cache count is 137 - my virtual size count is 157
I agree virtual caches should have this size - most do, but not all - but it is evident that some other 'caches' have also been classified virtual in size - webcams and locationless too but I have 31 of those (combined) so there is a disparity. My main point above (in previous comment) being that cache types and cache sizes have to be seen as separate when it comes to the number count for the badge as per the OP  :-)
Ok, got this. Thanks for clearing this up to me.
I'm totally confused now. Can someone please explain what virtual size means as opposed to virtual cache. On the home page there is a button "Filters" which leads to a page where I can choose different filters and get a result based on my choices. At the bottom of the page I can choose Geocache size Micro, Small, Regular, Large and/or Other, i.e there is nothing such as Virtual size there. And at the top I can choose different Cache types, among them Virtual. So for me Virtual is a cache type and not a size. So if something else is valid for the badge it would be great if that was explained on the explanation page for the Odd-sized cacher badge.
(Another question: I'm not familiar with the term OP, what does it mean?).
Cache types - trad, multi, unknown, earthcache, event CITO etc etc and virtual (there are 20 different types)
Cache sizes - large, regular, small, micro, other, not chosen and virtual (only 7 sizes)
In the search function on GC you mention, there are only the 5 options for sizes however if you just selected 'Other' this does in fact look for 'other', 'not chosen' and 'virtual' - generally the first 6 sizes are attributable to 'physical' caches - 'other' and 'not given' usually given to caches where the CO doesnt want to give away a surprise at GZ - like with handcrafted containers or crafty/sneaky hides. Though these two have also been attributed to non-physical caches too
The size 'virtual' is given to caches that are not physical such as types - virtual, locationless, webcam
Though I have seen, for example, webcams have been given sizes, virtual, not chosen and other  
If you go to a virtual cache page and look at the size it will show 'virtual' even though it will come up in the search you did for 'other' on GC

Hope that helps

Also OP means Original Post - so refers back to the very first post rather than subsequent sub-posts