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–1 vote
It should be possible to group LabCaches in
by "Adventure title" or "Adventure link" part after "goto" as shown in

E.g. as an additional sortable column.
in Feature requests by micha_de (7.1k points)
I don't think this information is available in the API.
magma1447 has stated elsewhere that the only information provided through the API are GUID, name and first found date for the lab cache itself and log ID, profile ID, date and lab cache GUID for the specific log. All of the details which is useful to cachers are shown in the Lab Cache tab.
The AdventureLab-app keeps getting new or changed functions.
I hope that the API will also get more useful information.
Project-GC shows your lab cache logs by date. shows them first by group, then by date. I'm not convinced which is most useful, actually.

(Apart from the fact that we can't do otherwise than now since we don't have the information needed, that is.)
Maybe it's possible to switch or configure the prefered view

1 Answer

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1. With the following url you can get a couple of geocaches around a coordinate:

max. take=500


2. With an url with the id of the adventure lab, you can get the details:

Hopefully this helps to include the function.


by micha_de (7.1k points)
selected by micha_de
The last 2 URLs only render XML and the first URL is broken and only renders a Facebook sign in page.  I don't use Facebook and never will so I am not exactly sure how your answer helps me.
@TigreToot: You have to be logged it to with another page in the same browser.
The first link is fixed.
Thanks for fixing the first URL.