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Geocachere with most caches taken in a calendar year

+1 vote

Tab statistics can select "Geocachers with most caches taken in a calendar year". But my number of found cache does not match with it as it says that I have found in 2014 in the ( = 703 and Project-GC = 688)
Why is this distinction?

asked Jan 5, 2015 in Support and help by 4famGC (130 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

When did you log the last caches of 2014, and when does the Profile stats say that the data is from?

Depending on the answer, this may be an answer to the question.

answered Jan 6, 2015 by magma1447 (Admin) (216,700 points)
The last log (1 cache) in 2014 is 31-12-14 and my profil stats say 30-12-14 so it can not be the reason.
0 votes
do you have any lab caches? they are missed from stats here on gc-project
answered Jan 6, 2015 by Max-SK (1,720 points)
Yes I have 1 so it's not that. And I know the problem about LAB cache.
0 votes
When i check your stat GC says 702 finds in 2014. So maybe it was not updated when you checked or maybe you had chosen finds only in your country?


The last one is a lab cache found.
answered Jan 6, 2015 by Hneite (150 points)
Tanks I think I will tjek about contry settings if i can find it/one