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+3 votes
in Feature requests by Sequoia (170 points)

I just tried a custom filter with 10000 found logs by using

But the function custom filter is not available in all statistics. 

As it is not available within or I did not find a fast solution.

Consider converting to a comment since this didn't really answer the question.
I don't understand the question.

Is this "set" a defined List of Caches or just a number
Let me refraise it. I was looking for a filter to show cachers with the highest averages. So many sports your average means the most. When I had 6,000 finds my averages were 1.69 & 1.71 and I set a goal to get my terrain average over 2. I didn’t think it was even possible at the time but it didn’t take long and my difficulty followed. I am now at 22,000 finds with 2.18 & 2.38 averages. I know thats rare with more than 10,000 finds. I am curious just how rare. Theres not many of us who ignore the Easy hides to get to higher rated hides. But I do that and I know I am not alone. It would be nice to see who else is with me on this.

Does that help clarify the question?

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