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I live in a busy caching town (Canberra - I know one of the busiest in the world) you get multiple hunderts of new caches in a normal month and when large power-trials get publish around town (which they regularly are) the limit of 500 caches is too restrictive.

I understand there are resources limits but I am happy and willing to pay more for extra quota on this limit! Anything I can do in the short run (other than reducing my radius which I have done)? Is there no way this limit could be less restrictive in the future? Or that people who need to can pay for extra?
in Feature requests by Flintstone's (230 points)
Wonder if this is a limitation of the geocaching API vs Project-GC itself. If it's the API, we're kinda stuck with it.

1 Answer

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The limitation is in Project-GC and not with Geocaching LIVE api.

There are some plans to make it possible to get around this issue, I can't promise any  ETA but hopefully within 2-3 months at least.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
selected by Flintstone's