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Coming Events means in the future so why I can select dates that are in the past?

Why not make the date range filter
From: Today
To: Today + the max time a event can be published in the future?
in Feature requests by (1.5k points)
edited by
Can you provide justification why you would want to see past events?

Also, I would recommend posting a separate question regarding the To Date and From Date fields under Feature Request.  The way it is now will only cause it to get lost in the PGC information black hole.  In fact you might consider using the exact question you asked about date ranges.
I don't want to see past events.
Coming Events means in the future so I'm asking why I can select dates that are in the past?
Why not make the date range "Today" and further?

(I removed the date range question and made it a new question.)
OK, thank you for separating the 2 questions.  I recommend rewording both the question and the description to indicate what you just commented.  When I first read your post, I got the distinct impression you wanted to see past events hence the question in my comment.

Suggest saying something like remove the ability to use past dates in the date range fields etc.
Rewrote my question
Thank you for updating, it makes more sense now.  I dropped you another up vote.

1 Answer

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If you don't want to see past events, then just change the date range to reflect this. Some people might have a reason for wanting to see past dates. Let's not request flexibility to be taken away.
by tumbleweed42 (790 points)
If I select a date in the past the tool doesn't find anything. If it would return results I would agree with you
Ooohh. That’s a different story. Interesting.