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0 votes
When planning my trips I often start with Map Compare.However I do not like to clutter my GPX with puzzle caches I have not yet solved, so I would like to have a map compare view that excludes unsolved puzzles to help plan my trip and my gpx file.

Could we have a new Map Compare filter "Puzzles without corrected coordinates: Include/exclude" (default = include)

Of course, this also applies to multis, but this is a much smaller problem as most multis are easily solved in the field.

Would make sense as a premium only feature.
in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.4k points)
Possibly having the filter as "with CC", "without CC" and "both" would be good. That way people who are searching for puzzles they have yet to solve could be catered for.
I usually use Virtual GPS for collecting the planned caches. It makes it easy to put there caches from different sources, for example traditionals (and other simple types) from Map Compare and Mysteries from tool. Additionally, you can later on use the Virtual GPS filter in the Map Compare to filter (out) caches somebody from the group has. Indeed, it would be nice to have this filter directly.

1 Answer

0 votes
2 possible workarounds:

- Save all solved mysteries to VGPS, then in Maps Compare use the VGPS filter

- Save all solved mysteries to bookmark lists in GC, then use a custom filter in Maps Compare to show only caches from those lists.
by kamla (1.2k points)
Yes, that is the way I do it too. But it would be nice to see them on one map, so I can plan my activities better.