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Since we are all hoping for a vaccine, we can already start thinking about the "new" goals for 2021. 

As most of us would enjoy events and caching with friends - there is shure more :-)

So what are your goals 2021 ??

My are:

-stay healthy 

- 100 caches per month (so 1200 more end of 2021)

- visit an event every month 

- visit at least one mega

- fulfill my 360 home

- Create an Earthcache

And as I would like to use some PGC statistics as a guide:

- fulfill BadGen AddOn 366 days for cachesize micro

- fulfill BadGen AddOn 366 days for cachesize small

- fulfill BadGen AddOn 366 days for cachetype Tradi

- some more round for the Attribute Cacher Badge (so mostly rare ones like scuba gear)

Fill your calendar (366 days) with Challenge cache finds.

in Miscellaneous by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Da finde ich meine Frage besser ;-)
Ich habe deine Frage letztlich in Bezug auf die Zeit nach Corona verstanden. Die meisten Antworten waren "Besuch von events" - so auch meine Antwort darauf. Meine Frage zielt eher auf die allgemeinen Ziele in 2021.
Entschuldige, das hatte ich zuerst nicht berücksichtigt.
2020 has been my less productive year to date as I just could not fully get into it with the pandemic. Looked for more virtuals and lab caches to reduce possible exposure.
For 2021, my goal will be to get out there and get excited about discovering new areas and get across the border to chase needed year 2000 caches.
It's been a long year... I want to basically continue the goals I had set for this year: finish Jasmer, finish counties in my state, and we need 3 more on our D/T grid.
Also going to try and hide AT LEAST 1 cache a month.

25 Answers

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I have already achieved so many goals in geocaching, I would not have believed in the early days of geocaching, that I ever achieve something like that.
The biggest challenges for me were:

  • Complete Jasmer --- 5 years time required ✅
  • Visit Seattle and the HQ ✅
  • Find one of the two APEs ✅

Without Project-GC, many tasks would not have been possible.

However, Covid has made me much more thoughtful and humble now.
For 2021, I have resolved to simply go caching in nature. Just enjoy simple beautiful things.

Stay safe and healthy

by zoRRo-CE (670 points)
edited by zoRRo-CE
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Hopefully attending events... travel to other countries and complete the #20.000
by Rumreisenden (4.3k points)
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Usually I make some geocaching resolutions for the upcoming year, but this year they will be much much smaller. Since we cannot plan many things just yet it would be dumb to include them. But here we go:

  • reach 4000 finds (reasonable, since I'm at 3850)
  • hide a few more caches: themed multis and some challenging puzzles
  • host my CC-event in the summer (hopefully)
  • attend some events (if possible, but only small ones, CITO, or CCE)
  • complete second loop on 366 matrix (only 2 days in January missing)
  • complete third D/T loop (6 slots missing)

And then there are some things related to PGC that I am still working on:

  • simplify the country badges
    Currently, they are very detailed which bloats the file. For each of the ~260 countries currently there are 3 unique layers, which is too much, the plan ist to make them a little less detailed and increase the flag size a bit.
    For comparison: Each Country Badge is about 500 kB in size when it is loaded to your profile stats. A regular badge is between 30 and 60 kB, so roughly 10 times smaller...
  • update the Belt system
    early concepts are already there, but there is artwork and much of finetuning necessary
  • work with Magnus on improving the Maps tier of PGC.
by clappy (16.3k points)
edited by clappy
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  • Fill the multi matrix
  • Fill the letterbox matrix
  • Fill the challenge matrix
  • Visit at least 10 mega/giga events
  • Visit the USA for the 20 years party
    • Find the missing year 2000 caches for the jasmer challenge
    • Fill the jasmer challenge for a second time
    • Do a geotour in the USA
    • Visit Canada for the first time
    • Do a geotour is Canada
  • Visit Ireland for it's year 2000 cache
    • Drive around Ireland to collect all 4 souvenirs
So basically my 2020 schedule that got moved to 2021 due to Covid19.
I'm really looking forward to being able to travel again.
by (1.6k points)
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I thought I posted somewhere my goals for this year..but clearly I did not! I believe I was hoping to get about 12-30 finds this year....which as of now is over 100 which is great considering what this year has been.

I'm going to go with current of now. (One of my other goals was already completed actually...filling in my 366 calendar grid of finds)

1. Fill in my fizzy. I have 1 spot left....and can probably get this done before the month is over. Same with attending a CCE, which while not a goal for this very impressive for me considering the circumanstances I'm in.

2. Hide a reflection puzzle. Just a fun little thing I thought of last year....a simple Jigidi puzzle which will reflect on this year through photos I tok whilst geocaching. Nothing is meant to convey myself being flashy and travelling all around looking at cool places to find virtuals....I've been in my region for nearly the whole year.....I haven't gone to incredibly beautiful areas or anything.

3. Keep maintaining caches (This is a bit of a simple one....just keep them running, maybe streamline the old cache pages which stil seem problematic at times)
by DreamMachine74 (340 points)