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0 votes
in Miscellaneous by onionpond (160 points)
It would help if you would provide the GC code so we can test it.
Are you sure that the challenge in question actually has a checker? Not all old challenges do. What is the GC-code?

3 Answers

+1 vote
f no checker is visible I use:
Replace GC code, if nothing appears there is no checker available.

Without checker:

Checker availble:
by Grümscheler (1.7k points)
edited by Grümscheler
Are you shure with GC3GHR1 as it is not a challenge. So it will not work
Yes, this was the example if no checker is available.
0 votes
Works fine (for me)

You shure you used and the search strip in the middle of this site next to the country selector and not the Search (F4) on the top of the page?
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
0 votes
We noticed this on a cache recently as well. It didn't pull up when searching for the gc code but the link to the checker from the cache page worked. Didn't try changing the address bar to that GC# to test it that way. Wish I'd kept notes as to which cache that was. I just remember thinking it was odd that the search didn't pull it up.
by J&LA (650 points)