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This contest is about this trail: OCCT Nebraska

When every challenge in this trail has a checker, we will reward the top 5 tag creators for the trail with 2 years of free membership each. If the 5th position is shared, none of them will get rewarded, so make sure you keep ahead to not lose your reward with the last checkers.

The membership can be used by the receiver, or given away to someone else, or sold, it's all up to the winners.

Already existing tags does of course count (50% of the trail is already covered).

If you find that a challenge is technically impossible, reply here and tell me. I will then review it, and add it as an exclusion if I agree.

Feel free to post here when you have created a checker, so that we can follow the process. When the trail is complete, do post here so that I notice, and can process the rewards.

The exclusion list:

Maybe excluded

in Miscellaneous by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
I agree that type = unknown name contains challenge is probably sufficient.
Rather than a place holder api method I'd probably say have it as an optional attribute on getFinds.
I find your input very smart. I am heating some lasagna right now, I will think about this while consuming it. Adding it as a "filter" to GetFinds() would probably be a very small patch, which I could push today or tomorrow.
Hi! I'm the co-creator of the occt, what exactly are you looking for? I'm more then willing to help!
I don't think we have any questions for say. We were just discussing which of the challenges that can be checked with a technical solution. For example we can not check those requiring home coordinates, since we don't always know the home coordinates (and our system doesn't support it yet). Another variant is that it may be hard to check the one requiring colors in the name, since a computer doesn't know "what a color name is". A list of "all" colors would have to be created, and there are probably close to endless of color names.
Indeed there are many color names: ;)

9 Answers

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OCCT - 1000 Caches in 100 Days Challenge
OCCT - Can you Attribute? - Challenge
OCCT - I'm Half Fizzy - Challenge
OCCT - 3x3x5 Type Challenge
OCCT - 4x4x5 Type Challenge
OCCT - 5x5x5 Type Challenge
OCCT - One Calendar Year of Caching Challenge
OCCT - Double Digit Grid Bingo Challenge
OCCT - Double Your Pleasure - Challenge 
GC3X6YP - OCCT - 3x3x5 Traditional Challenge
GC3X6YJ - OCCT - 4x4x5 Traditional Challenge
GC3X6YG - OCCT - 5x5x5 Traditional Challenge
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
edited by Target. (Expert)
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by rabmoor (2.8k points)
edited by rabmoor
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GC42XXK - Virtuals Are Easy {Right?} Challenge - OCCT
GC3YENW - OCCT - OCCT Challenge

by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
+1 vote
by SeekerSupreme (5.0k points)
+1 vote

So I'm throwing my hat into the ring here too.

Comments are appreciated.

(2015/5/17: Extra Easy Puzzle Challenge checker added.)

by ErWenn (310 points)
edited by ErWenn
They seem fine from what I can see, noticed that NebDad has cheated and used Geocaching HQ as one of his 5. :)
RBMAN has also used that particular cache, which seems strange. Wonder if the cache description has been changed.
0 votes
OCCT - Cache Owner Numeric Century Challenge

Currently checking just numbers in owners' nicknames; it is problematic to code numerals and roman numeric system reliably. Last ten FI logs passed and I will tweak the checker further ...
by rabmoor (2.8k points)
0 votes

The following are note impossible any more The first after a new API metod and the second was probily possible all along. I have send a smal patch to the creator of the souvienire checker to make a checker

by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
... and the souvenir challenge is now tagged.
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I looked at all challenes with missing checkers. there are 18 that are possible to do.

Two of them are marked as impossible but new api metods make the possible OCCT - 12 Step Challenge
Distance from home coord cand be implemetet with the badges and belts function OCCT - State Oldest Cache - Challenge
New api metod gice access to that data OCCT - Souvenir Challenge
Also possibel and already tagged

Al untagged and possibel are with OCCT - A Challenging Challenge as a possibel problem as listed above

by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
I reduced the exclusion list.
I'm not sure GC3YE9V (State Oldest Cache) is viable - the requirements are to have logged the oldest active cache in a state on the day you log it. Checking whether a cache was the oldest active cache in the state on the day you logged it would be quite difficult.
You are right that is not possible.
I added it again. Honestly I am so far behind in support and such, so I didn't even try to read what it was about.
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work in progress, I'll update this answer later



GC4226M - OCCT - Swim, Boat, Wade, or Float  - must have found a cache in special places, checker cannot determine it

GC3XZYC - OCCT - 10 mile Traditional Challenge  - 10 miles from home coordinates - checker cannot know your home coordinates



GC40JAP - OCCT - Century Miscellaneous - Challenge -


by jpavlik (Expert) (18.5k points)