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Hello, I remember that on checkers in the cache pages used to show a green tick if the challenge was satisfied, a red circle (forbidden sign) if it wasn't and a smile if the cache was already found.
Now I see that it doesn't show those symbols anymore: is it a change that has been made, or there's a problem with my profile? I am premium both on PGC and

in Bug reports by ilTozzo (460 points)
It still shows for me this information. Make sure you are logged in on Project-GC and try different browsers since there might have been some change or some extension might be blocking this information from passing through.
any idea what I can do to change it? I tried different browsers and it doesnt work, but on another pc it works with the same profile and browsers
It could be some browser extensions that is installed or some privacy preferences in browser. Depending on what browser do you use.
I use mostly Chrome, and I have no extensions installed...
The same Chrome versions on both computers? Same OS?
No, the one where it works is very old (wndows vista) with an old version of chrome (49.0.2623.112). The one I use mostly, where it doesn't show the additional info, had a windows 10 os and version 87.0.4280.88 of chrome. I checked right now on my mobile and it has the same problem

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I can reproduce it in current Chromium. The image loaded as part of the listing does not show the tickmark, while if I right-click on it and "Open image in new tab", I see the tickmarks correctly.

I think this is related to Cookies, and new SameSite policy in Chrome since last year:

This is issue in both Chrome and Project-GC side. You can workaround it in Chrome with these steps:

  1. Enter chrome://flags/ in your address bar, it will open settings.
  2. Search for “SameSite by default cookies” and choose to “Disable
  3. Search for “Cookies without SameSite must be secure” and choose to “Disable
  4. Restart Chrome

Note, that this will cause your cookies might not be as safe as before and you might be more vulnerable to CSRF attacks so I do not recommend doing this on your main browser. You can also use different browser such as Firefox, where it works still fine.

The better fix would be if Project-GC would set the cookies needed for rendering these images with SameSite=None. At this moment, all of the cookies are filtered on the requests from and therefore Project-GC can not know if you are logged in or if you are paying member.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Thanks for your answer and your help. I did what you described, but it didn't solve the issue. Even trying to the image in a new tab didn't work, and it still was shown without the missing symbol. Probably it's something not (or not only) related to what you described.
Did you restart your browser? Did you try to refresh the page with image and the cache listing after making the changes?
Of course I did
You said you are using OS Windows 10 on the machine that has the problem, I suspect the problem exists inside that OS and you would need to research the problem from there.  Win 10 is extremely restrictive as I am sure most people know.  It is the main reason I have not switched to it as of yet.

Also, my recommendation is to undo any changes mentioned in the previous answer since it did not work. As mentioned, those changes could make your system more vulnerable to hacks.
Yes, I re-enabled what I had disabled before. Probably the issue is not only in Chrome, but I tried with Firefox and it worked as usual (I used a non-paying account before, I think this is only a payng member feature). Anyway I just wanted to report it ad it could have been an issue of the website, to me it won't change much if that information is displayed or not. Thanks all for your answers
I have never noticed that the checkers on the cache page had these symbols (I have been around quite a long time and have checked over 3000 challenges with all sorts of results) as I have never seen them before - it was only when I did the "right-click and Open image in new tab" thing that I finally saw what this OP was about. I use Chrome as my usual brower - I checked with Firefox and same issue on there  - I am on Windows 10 but to be honest never noted that thse symbols were thre before I upgraded - or did I miss them ?
I am not sure how long they are in, but certainly for some years. Maybe there is even some issue with Windows, I don't know. For me, it works fine on Linux with Firefox and with the above workaround also in Chromium (some extension might be blocking the cookies too).
It is odd that on the same operating system you don't see it in one place (cache page) but when you right click and open in new tab you then get to see it ??
No, that is exactly explained in the link I added in this answer. It is because cookies are set in a way that they are not sent when the request is originated from different domain ( If you open image directly, the is no longer involved and all cookies are sent properly. You can investigate it in the chrome developer tools, in Network tab, find the request related to the PGC checker image and in "cookies" tab of that request, you can see the "Request cookies" list empty until you check "Show filtered out request cookies". If you do the same thing on the image, the "request cookies" are listing correctly all needed to identify you.
Ah  -  OK thank you