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0 votes
Is it possible to combine Adventure labs & Geocaching in one map ?
in Feature requests by Aventurijn (580 points)
I won't put this as an answer - but I do not think you can - the only location that Adventure Labs can be seen is via the specific app and this is not linked to the Geocaching site - and so in turn it is not something that PGC links into either.
The only link is the numbers once you have found them as these get recorded as finds in your stats on the geocaching site and in turn these get picked up in the stats on PGC

1 Answer

0 votes

it is possible with GSAK.

There ist a new GSAK macro with amazing features to import Lab Caches:

Import also all "regular" caches you prefer an then use e.g. Leaflet_Map
for map creation.

I use this for tour planing.

Enjoy geocaching

by micha_de (6.8k points)