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I have been attempting to submit an enhancement request through the Project-GC Support tab, but it appears to be non-functional.  I fill in my username, email, my request/question and select the proper "captcha" answer and click "send", but nothing happens.  I have tried using Thunderbird, Chrome and Edge browsers with the same result.  Only option is to close the popup window.  Any suggestions?
in Support and help by ZenGuru (210 points)
Feature requests should be submitted here in this QA. The support "with captcha" is intended for mostly questions about payments as described in the pop-up.
Feature requests are perfectly welcome to support as well.

The bit about payment questions means that that kind of support question is not suitable for QA while all other kinds of support questions are (and may be answered faster here).
OK, I will go ahead and pose my enhancement request here.  However, that doesn't answer my question as to the viability/usefulness of the link I was trying to use.  If I did have a question about payments of something else not appropriate for this forum, I would not be able to submit it, as the link does not seem to work.  Maybe someone a Project-GC could take a look?

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