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For users with a big backlog, like myself, some tools at PGC turn a bit "useless" since I still need to remember things on my own or maintain personal lists etc. For example things like "Map - Hidden Month" requires that I remember what months I have logged as draft but not yet posted logs for, so not only what specific caches I've logged but the month they covered. Using the live map to search for caches of a specific size to fill a calendar is only possible if I remember which of the caches I have in my drafts or if I double check with the map at And so on.

I've noticed that some apps that use the API shows drafted caches as found (for example GCDroid shows only unfound and undrafted caches when I select "Not found") so the information seem to be available in some form in the API. So is there something I'm missing here? Is there some reason that this is hard to fix etc?
in Feature requests by Pleu (4.3k points)
I think the problem with Drafts is that they are really not finds yet. They are another source of information that would need to be integrated to all the information that is already available for each combination of each user and each cache. I do not think it would be "hard to fix", but it would require a lot of work to implement this functionality in all the tools.

Using some mark for caches with drafts in map and possibility to exclude these in the tools would be nice addition and would make some things easier, especially for people with long backlog. For many people, it would be just a nice to have feature (icon), but the rest (who do not use drafts or are keeping up) would probably not even notice.

This makes the impact of this feature very low (affecting small portion of people) so I would rather see some other features and bugfixes that have impact on more people.

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It's technically possible. It's been considered, and in a way it still is.

It adds a bit of complexity, for a quite small gain (for most users). It will also be more important that the drafts themselves are up-to-date as well. Preferably they would have to be fetched/updated at the same time as running a tool. For someone with a fairly large number of drafts that might not be efficient. So most effective where it's least useful.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
selected ago by Pleu
Well, at the moment I basically just use the native search on for most of the things I wanna check and is grumpy about it, so a slower PGC-tool would still be an improvement for me.

I'm well aware I'm not the "normal user" and the "general opinion" here tho. :)