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0 votes
The Date of Lab Cache i found at 13.01.2021 ist listed at GC-Project in the Profile stats at 14.01.2021.
At it ist listed correctly.
in Bug reports by El KarMa (360 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Adventure Lab Caches get logged using PST. It's bloody annoying but no-one wants to do anything about it.
by TwigNZ (4.7k points)
I donĀ“t understand this. There ist no time available only the date.
The date at is 13.01. (UTC) the date of GC-Project ist 14.01.
Do you use another time?
No, Groundspeak and Project GC both now use PST. In the case of PGC, this change only occurred in December. (See News release dated 2020-12-17
I have no control over this. For people like me who live in New Zealand, this means that currently if I want to ensure that a Lab Cache gets recorded as being found on the correct day, I only have a 3 hour window (between 9pm and Midnight) to do them. This is during our summer, when the clocks change then during our winter the opportunity extends to 5 hours (between 7pm and Midnight).
It is tedious, but I have been asking if Lab Caches can be logged using local time since November 2019 and no-one has ever answered me positively.
Strange thing is: in the Adventure lab builder logs are displayed in UTC.

I don't understand why Groundspeak does not use the same metrics as with any other cache entry. It should not be that hard to program...
0 votes
If you are finding lab caches as part of a streak or lab cache dot days or any other situation where is is crucial that the lab cache be found on a specific date, ensure you log it after half past midnight PST (UTC-8) (Between midnight and half past midnight PST it gets posted one day in the future!!)

I am in New Zealand, for me that is after 8pm. I play save and log after 8:30pm.

I have heard that there are some aplication updates coming, and this problem has been posted on the geocaching forums a number of times. Hopefully they will be fixing it.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.0k points)
You haven't taken New Zealand Daylight Saving time into account. PST is currently 21 hours behind NZ time. Any time after 9pm will work (call it 9.30pm to be sure).